Since I am moving in a month I thought i might do a little INTERIOR/FURNITURE/NEWHOME post for you guys, I´m so excited to decorate my new flat and search for things in vintage stores and on flea markets, so I´d love to share my Ideas for my new home with you. I developed a strong passion for interior I really don´t know  where this is coming from but I´m striving for a really thought-out home to have for myself in a couple of years. I guess collecting old things, vintage stuff, antique objects and designer furniture is starting to become a great hobby of mine.
Photos found on tumblr, theshelby, my new favorite tumblr blog focus-damnit huntersalley !

Part 1 kitchen, dining room
It´s actually not that easy to find photos of kitchens on the web, i think it´s maybe because most people may have more view on other rooms like the living room or other or maybe it´s because it is harder to make a kitchen really stand out and make it look extraordinary and unique. I will definitely try to find something with dark wood and steel, maybe just throw different old shelves and boards together. I think dark tones make the kitchen look really rustic and almost like a little cave or a kitchen from the 1900 - but just still wide and light-full.


I found these beautiful shelves on ebay and i guess their the first things i will buy…

Dining Rooms

Part2 Livingrooms

As it is now maybe pretty clear there is a color palette to which i stick. I love how i like to call them "ocean-colors" or all colors you can find at the beach. I mean the nordic baltic sea seas not tropica whatsoeva. Dark Blue, all shades of Grey, White, dark Green, Turquoise, all shades of brown, Beige ect,ect… 
With it comes my love for materials: wood - stones - plants - metal - rough cloth - fur 
everything down to earth, calm , silent. 

I will go with this kind of frame to arrange my flat. 


perfect couch

cupboards, arrangements ect….


I will keep it very minimalistic in that room, bed , rug maybe a cupboard or a little desk.


a painting on the wall


much harder to find than kitchens 



everything left 

My plan is to move with less as possible and start in a bare flat, then finding one piece after another. 
I will def keep up with posting about this. 

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