Changes come and go - Ich werde Soft

I am so happy fall is coming! Now that I have finished my assignment I have time to do what I planned weeks ago, I am so happy I can do with my time now what I want again. I fell like I changed in the past two days, not really my character of course, but what I am interested in and what I want to do. I like calm music - I listen to First Aid Kit all the time, I want to take long walks in the park and enjoy the golden sun. I started photographing again and dug out my old Minolta. I want to be on my own and not go to Parties much, but read and study and collecting little things. I also planned on sewing an jacket from old second hand jackets and make bags. I will also finally start to paint again,what I am most exited about! Yes this is really going to be a calm fall. 

was eine Schriftart alles ausrichten kann, nicht?

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